Inside Scoop on Sydney

Sydney hosts millions of tourists every year. More than half of Australia’s tourism goes to this city, making it one of the most popular destinations internationally. A good portion of those visitors are avid surfers and beach goers as Sydney is the home of some of the best beaches in the world.

Ask any traveller and they will tell you that Sydney is a beautiful city with great people and amazing places that you can visit. For the inside scoop for Sydney, read on and find out what makes this “Emerald City” the must go to place in everybody’s bucket list.

Sydney is oftentimes referred to as the “Emerald City” because of the glittering stretch of water that is the Sydney Harbor. This harbor serves as the backdrop to many of Sydney’s iconic landmarks and its emerald reflection in the ocean is where it gets its famous moniker.

Most tourists go to Bondi beach for its trendy and cool surfer vibe, and Manly beach for its proximity to Circular Quay. For families who are more apt to spend their beach time swimming than surfing, Bronte beach is the one for you. There is a park with barbeque pits nearby for fun family outdoor picnics.

Now, if you like the feel of the beach and don’t like to go where the crowds are, you shoiuld try Coogee beach and Tamarama beach. Coogee beach is a more subdued area with great cafes, restaurants and shopping spots where you are more likely to find a good bargain. Tamarama beach is almost an hour away from the crowded Circular Quay and while quite small in size, boasts of exquisite views and simple amenities and café that introspective individuals will absolutely love.

Another famous spot is the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge. You cannot miss this massive structure as it crowns the majestic Sydney Harbor. If you find yourself in Sydney, be sure to book you and your friends to the world famous bridge climb. Depending on your preference, there are different types of climbs that you can try out when you get there.

Of course, a trip to Sydney is not complete without making your obligatory homage to the spectacular Sydney Opera House. This building is touted to be one of the best architectural wonders of the world. Open since 1973, this multi venue building has brought in some of the most popular acts and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors since then. You can book yourself a guided tour there or better yet, find out the schedule of performances and watch a show there. Dinner and drinks at Sydney’s finest restaurants and bars is often a follow up on a wonderful night at the opera house.

Because Sydney sits on a magnificent body of water, ferry rides are a definite must do for anyone visiting the city. There are numerous ferry rides that from Circular Quay to various destinations and it has serviced millions of tourists every year.

A popular ferry ride is the 30 minute ride over to Manly. You can ride the waves at Shelly beach or Collins beach, have lunch in one of the cafes at Manly Wharf, book a tour at the Quarantine station, or go exploring at the 20 hectare Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve.

Other popular ferry rides include the trip to Cockatoo island, Darling Harbor, and Parramatta. If you like long lunches, great authentic Australian food and a place rich in history, make sure to book a ferry ride to Watsons Bay. There are loads of things that you can do and things to see when you get off at Watsons Bay.

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